The Earth Community Farms Mission (re-mixed)


Using all available technologies and inventing a few of our own, our mission is to bring closed-loop, controlled environment, multi-story aquaponics-based farming to cities large and small around the globe with the purpose of feeding people, employing people and teaching people about food and ecosystems and making the world more food secure.


"We believe in Feeding people with, Teaching people about and Employing people around the creation, management and promotion of food. We develop, grow and create platforms for local farmers and artisanal food producers connecting them with local consumers of locally-grown, harvested and wild-crafted food Everywhere !"

Our purpose is still the feeding, employment and teaching of people about food. We just have a better way ... The Platform. A concept which is transforming business and government all over the Globe. We believe we have an opportunity to create, manage, promote and grow a marketplace or platform of local farmers and local consumers of locally-grown and harvested food in ... EVERY LOCALITY !


Aquaponics Models

What are the possibilities ?

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Contact Us: Let’s Get Started !

Contact Us: Let’s Get Started !

Contact Us: Let’s Get Started !

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