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Spaceship Earth


“Earth Rise” – Taken by Apollo 8 crew member Bill Anders on December 24, 1968

No other image ever imagined or captured by mankind has had as great an impact on the germination of a particular idea, as this one has had. The idea that we are all together in this and are never alone.

Also, the dark twin idea, it’s all going to come to an end someday, if we don’t take care and respond in a measured way to the challenges we face, the “ship” could be doomed.

Better Joe Headshot

My name is Joe Terry, Founder/CEO of Earth Community Farms, a division of Virtuola LLC.

I’m a software engineer by training and have had a long career looking for the best and highest use of my talents. For over 30 years, software was a good fit for me, lucrative, aloof from the dirty, grimy aspects of life as it’s lived by billions on this planet for myself, my wife, our three children and our pets who have never gone hungry.

Tonight … whatever day you are reading this … a billion sons, daughters, wives, husbands, grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles and aunts will go to bed hungry and soon another 3 billion will join them.

Once you see your true calling it changes your perspective on everything. No color or sky looks quite the same. Sleep has a different quality to it. Love and loss has a different meaning.

I read The Vertical Farm by Dickson Despommier and I saw that I had special talents, not just for the long, hard work ahead but for the vision and for enlisting the help of others.

I first went to the internet looking for allies, to see what others are doing and a vast world opened up to me. I hope to share that with you someday.

“The Vertical Farm is the keystone enterprise for establishing an urban-based ecosystem.”
— Dickson Despommier

“Uncontrolled growth is the philosophy of the cancer cell.”
— Dickson Despommier

“There should be no word for garbage in the future.”
— Joe Terry

I want to create food and eliminate waste by enlisting the simple and profound power of plants, living molecular machines.

I think of Earth Community Farms as a Biotechnology company.

Rather than create the next great mobile app what really turns me on is … Food … it’s history, the wars fought over it, the grand 12,000 year experiment in trying to produce it for large populations, whatever the cost to the environment … the enormous problems with how food is produced today.

This might be one of the greatest challenges to ever face our species, the challenge … to feed a world … and to clean up a worlds waste. I believe it to also be one of the greatest opportunities for the generation of wealth, a kind of wealth that only comes along every few generations, such as the wealth of the oil pioneers like J.Paul Getty of Standard Oil and similar tycoons.

Despite the challenges, I realized I want to be a special kind of farmer and to learn how we might be create food and dispose of waste within the ecosystem created by all life and not in opposition to life.

This excites me from a business perspective and point of view but also from the point of view of what I hope to pass on to my children and their children’s, children … good food and a world with natural, sustainable waste management.

I want to be a vertical farmer on a grand scale.

Our mission statement includes a goal of placing into production the equivalent of 1,000,000 acres of farm cultivation in urban centers and although that seems like a lofty goal.

We believe we could get there within a decade.

I’m looking for commercial space … in Southern California, where I live … I’m from Chicago, but I don’t like cold weather.

We intend to include a significant educational outreach element, but at it’s core, Earth Community Farms is a for purpose enterprise.

Legally a for profit corporation, with a purpose. The grand purpose of altering the trajectory of how food is grown for all humans on this planet toward a more sustainable and balanced path.

One of the twists to what we will be doing is significant sensor and robotic technology and development of intellectual property to enable scale of operations with simple and non-technical maintenance.

Every line of software code and page of hardware specifications will be open in the best tradition of open source software and FREE FOREVER !

Many of us never imagined that food and farming would be a part of our life’s mission, but once you enter this world it has endless possibilities for profit and progress and pleasure.

We are Earth Community Farms, join us for the challenge of a lifetime.

Joe Terry
Phone: (310) 379-9822
Email: Joe@EarthCommunityFarms.com
Earth Community Farms

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