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Before the business plan think hard about the market you wish to serve

Launching any new business requires careful consideration of your potential markets. With Competition, certification, legislation and operations there are so many things to think about, the last thing you want to worry about is whether people will buy what you have to sell. What you need is a growing market that has no clear market leader, is constantly expanding it’s offerings and made for a small, nimble player. With those words, and a brilliant idea, an innovation center, The Ingenuity Innovation Center helped me define Read More +

The End of Farming : Toward A New Kind of Farming

I have read books about urban farming and read numerous blog posts and watched videos and listened to many podcasts, but I haven’t yet read or heard or seen a complete, succinct argument, backed up with facts and research about why we must, in the tradition of any urgent crisis, take up the cause, and leave the land, as farmers, and move the growing of our food to where the people are … to the cities. At least that’s where the majority of us live, Read More +