HerbiVEND.com – LIVE Fruits and Vegetables for frequent Herbivores

HerbiVEND.com — Eat LIVE Food !


LIVE food at the grocers in your neighborhood.

That’s what makes the animals at HeriVEND.com, a Division of EarthCommunityFarms LLC really excited ! Haydn Christensen of BayBerry Fresh (in Ft. Collins, CO) began the delivering of LIVE Zipgrow Towers of produce to Whole Foods.

We intend to do similar vending of LIVE produce at neighborhood grocers and Farmers Markets throughout throughout Los Angeles !


Here’s Fresh With Edge showing off his living herb towers at the Rochester Farmers’ Market!


To find our more contact us.

Joe Terry, Founder/CEO
EarthCommunityFarms LLC
Phone: (310) 379-9822
Email: Joe@EarthCommunityFarms.com

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