Earth Community Farms, is a division of Virtuola LLC, wholly owned by Joseph S. Terry, Jr.

To accomplish the mission as explained and outlined here at we seek a solution that preserves our ability to maintain control and honor our seeking accreditation as a B Corporation.

There are many options out there, but we are most excited about the option to seek funding through a Direct Public Offering (DPO). You will find some resources here that we have found valuable.

Do-it-yourself IPO’s … Direct Public Offerings
B Corporations
Drew Field, Direct Public Offerings

We had considered approaching accredited individual investors under SEC Rule 506(c), but our current thinking and our focus is on creating a direct public offering.

This does _not_ mean that we don’t need early, angel investors to launch. We are looking for the right partner. Until we find that partner we are funding the development of a research production facility out of founder resources and generating operating capital by growing food and selling it.

As outlined elsewhere on this website and related websites around the world, the potential for Controlled Environment Organic Urban Farming is immense, as a business proposition.

There are several scenarios we envisioned to launch our enterprise. The following is just one example.

Here are some factors that could be considered by investors, who live and work in the South Bay of Los Angeles.

  • Local Food Security
  • Food Availability in the event of a crisis

We believe that facilities, designed, developed and operated, here in our local community, The South Bay, to produce food constitute strategic insurance that healthy, nutritious, fresh food will be available to local residents, in the event of large-scale disruptions in food production and food transport systems due to natural or man-made disasters.

Further, Investors, local residents of the South Bay, will be guaranteed access to their family’s share of the food reserves that Earth Community Farms holds for it’s principals and employees in the event of a large scale disaster.

Food Security can not be left to chance, but must be planned for and those plans executed with precision and skill.

This perspective is perfectly congruent with the concept of a Direct Public Offering and we find that all of our research and planning to date represents a coherent and ultimately attractive offering.

  • To acquire a property in the South Bay of Los Angeles with a home and sufficient space to house our five family members, our animals and further with enough acreage and out-buildings to establish a research farm production facility and the first Earth Community Farms installation.
  • To acquire said property in a jurisdiction which will allow it’s use as a production farm.
  • Become cash flow positive within 2 years of start of operations.

Further we expect this “proof of concept” location to be the catalyst for many profit opportunities in education of local schools and communities and classes on the leading edge technologies in vertical organic urban farming.

Earth Community Farms investors will purchase the property and provide operational seed funding with the real property as security for investors.

There will be a provision, for Joseph S. Terry, Jr. to purchase the initial research facility as his personal residence/home from Earth Community Farms, as the business begins to show a profit and other facilities are purchased or planned for purchase and brought online producing food.

Mr. Terry fully understands that this is an extremely advantageous situation for himself and his family and feels that any investor should weigh the complete commitment, focus and dedication required to succeed which Mr. Terry is pledging and will continue to demonstrate throughout the start-up phase.

Mr. Terry is willing to “Bet The Farm” and his employment on his abilities and commitment to the on-going success of Earth Community Farms and his reward will only come at the completion of several milestones set forth in the business formation.

  1. Development of systems and processes that produce profitable quantities of produce using the techniques of Vertical Organic Urban Farming for the South Bay communities.
  2. Establishment of Food Security for Earth Community Farms principals, employees and investors as a model for Earth Community Farms locations throughout the world.
  3. Providing on-going training programs and services to the communities of the South Bay that secures the legacy of Earth Community Farms as a thought leader in the Vertical Organic Urban Farming industry.

Here are some of my thoughts on the business formation and it’s core principles:

We envision three ways for others to start an Earth Community Farm:

  1. As an independent entity with no direct legal association with Earth Community Farms LLC using our technologies or not as we don’t patent. All of our technologies ( hardware and software ) are open source and our fervent hope is that 1000’s and 1000’s of companies around the world acknowledge their roots at Earth Community Farms LLC. They are required by our open source license to acknowledge, in writing, their use of technologies developed at Earth Community Farms LLC.Primary Funding: Independent.
  2. As a licensee of Earth Community Farms LLC, with direct legal rights and obligations, whereby royalties similar to franchise fees are paid for tight integration into the production and process development of technologies created by Earth Community Farms LLC. There are also fees paid for marketing and branding which again are similar to fees paid by franchise owners.Licensees are not free to operate their businesses in any fashion they choose and must adhere to specific guidelines on pricing, community outreach and commitment to fostering the goals as Earth Community Farms LLC outlines for it’s licensees.There are clearly defined agreements for revoking a licensee’s standing and use of Earth Community Farms LLC intellectual property and trademarks are strictly governed by those agreements.Primary Funding: Licensee.
  3. As a company owned Earth Community Farms LLC facility, this is the primary method of corporate expansion after identifying a suitable market in which Earth Community Farms LLC believes that it can make a contribution and has identified local personnel which make suitable employee candidates.It is our desire to use this last expansion plan to provide the catalyst to promote expansion scenario #1 and insure that the core goals and ideals of Earth Community Farms LLC far outreach it’s ability to grow corporately.Primary Funding: Earth Community Farms LLC.

To become an investor, please contact Mr. Terry below:

Phone: (310) 379-9822

What is Food Security ?

USDA Community Food Security

World Food Programme – Rome, Italy

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