Seeking Investment July 2015

Earth Community Farms (ECF), an urban farming company.

We are opening up both investment and partnership opportunities in the relocation of Fresh with Edge, LLC. ( This will include the assets, operational procedures and intellectual property.

We have been on track with our research and planning for over six months to ramp up operations. Now the opportunity to purchase Fresh with Edge, LLC assets has enabled us to accelerate the launch.

This document is a brief outline of the potential and promise of beginning operations in this way. From day one we will be fully formed with expert guidance from industry leaders while having enough production capacity to serve major clients with the quality and quantity of produce to make an immediate impact on our local food market while generating a sizable revenue stream.

Investment Needed

We opening up the opportunity for investors and partnerships that are compatible with our long term goals of establishing a growing, vibrant business with expansion potential beyond our local community.

The seed funding required to launch our complete business plan is approximately $350k.

We believe we can achieve positive cash flow within two growing cycles, 12 to 20 weeks based on sales at farmers markets and a few key relationships with local restaurants, bars and local grocers.

This will be accomplished with one full-time employee and a few part-time workers. In addition a suitable greenhouse location, a couple of vehicles for deliveries, etc. and minimal operating expenses will be required.

Once cash flow positive status has been achieved, the climate here in Southern California and our insensitivity to general weather conditions will allow us to continue to add new revenue and expand revenue opportunities without pause.

Exit Scenarios

We understand that investors and partners may have different goals and expectations of a successful ROI on their involvement with Earth Community Farms.

We have two exit scenarios which we consider attractive and of course are willing to entertain others that are compatible with our business plans.

1) Scenario one is a long term partner and Board of Directors member that is interested in our long term mission, food quality, food security, etc. and looks at ROI in terms of growing value of their equity position in the company and debt service that is predictable and secure.

2) Scenario two is an investor with no desire to sit on the Board of Directors that is interested in debt service that is predictable and secure and a known exit timetable measured in months not years. Our plan to achieve this level of growth in a relatively short amount of time such as 24 to 36 months is through the investment raising vehicle called a DPO … or Direct Public Offering.

A Direct Publish Offering managed by a company such as Cutting Edge Capital ( ) would be our chosen way of achieving the exit that an investor with a specific time horizon for their investment would prefer.

There are many advantages of Direct Public Offerings, but in particular in the market in which Earth Community Farms is engaged, there is a “news worthiness” to its offering of shares that we are confident that a properly executed DPO will be successful.

In addition, wherever an Earth Community Farms operating unit is located its relationship with its customers and the local community is one of unusual “intimacy”. Food production is one of those special classes of businesses that receives special attention and visibility and we believe is an ideal business for the peculiar requirements of a successful DPO.

For More Information call:

Joe Terry aka Farmer Joe at (310) 379-9822

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