The New Earth Community Farms Vision

Skyscraper FarmingWe are very excited about a vision of the future that includes large-scale vertical farms around the world and that vision is more true today than just a few short years ago.

We recently saw a TED(x) talk by Alison Cayne one of the owners of Haven’s Kitchen. And Alison gave us a new perspective on the timing of everything happening in the Food Movement. We highly recommend you watch it … HERE.

That video published in 2014 although optimistic about changes in our Food System and the pace of innovation not just here in the USA but around the world is quickening. We share that optimism but it is still too slow for us.

Our own vision of essentially franchising our model of Aquaponics and even with crop yields of 4 or even 10 times those in soil-based farming. The pace is still … too slow for us given the huge challenges we face on a global scale and the relentless, inevitable clock of population growth.

Then we read … The Book … Platform Revolution. And then we knew. We should not be building a traditional business with flows of labor and material and production … a pipeline model … we should be building a “Platform” which brings the means of local food production into direct connection with local consumers. To the degree that we are successful in creating a platform that is attractive to all sides of this “Multi-sided Market” we can scale at enormous velocities with each local community growing what it needs and what it’s consumers want to buy and eat.

When an UBER driver transports a passenger they are engaged in the performance of a three way contract between UBER, the driver and the passenger enabled by the platform. For a brief time the contract is executed and then the contract ends, hopefully with 5 stars and the possibility for new contracts to form in the future.

We quickly realized that our vision was, in essence, this same kind of contract we simply had the business model incorrect. We can’t possibly scale as fast and as far as we would like to have the impact we feel we must. But, The Platform can enabled us to do so through technology.

We will still be required to coach and recruit farmers and recruit consumers, but to some degree they both will recruit themselves if the platform serves their needs and once they realize the value we offer … locally-grown and sourced food … financially benefiting neighbors not farmers hundreds or thousands of miles away.

There are so many problems with existing Food Systems around the world that this model … instantly … addresses.

Grow Food, Not Lawns

Food Safety
A) Existing food system … complicated, opaque, difficult and expensive to administer, trustworthy ??
B) Earth Community Farms Platform … Local Food Producer … They have an address you will recognize, because they are close to you. In some cases, you can visit and see exactly how they produce the food they sell. Pricing which includes transportation is greatly reduced. It is said that the cost of a head of lettuce is 60% transportation. Not here.

Food Quality
A) Existing Food System … under attack from numerous advocates on multiple fronts.
B) Earth Community Farms Platform … Local Food Producer … They not only are completely transparent around how there food is produced, you can go and see for yourself ? Or be assured your neighbors have.

Our platform will allow the food dollars from a community to become recycled and impact local residents in a way that simply is not possible today. Whole neighborhoods of homeowners could be transformed into economic engines of prosperity and pride.