The Vision

Skyscraper Farming

Skyscraper Farming

Using all available technologies and inventing a few of our own, our mission is to bring closed-loop, multi-story farming to cities large and small around the globe with the purpose of feeding people, employing people and teaching people about food and ecosystems and making the world more food secure.

It’s not just about Vertical Farming, but facilitating urban farming of every description and education about ecosystems and the role of human beings in them.

Organizations like The Plant in Chicago are creating the technology, pioneering the technology and demonstrating what is possible with closed-loop agriculture.

The journey is one of good food and good business for all.

Join us on one of the greatest adventures in all of human history … the quest for sustainable food supplies in a life-affirming way, balanced with the other life forms and ecosystems that sustain us.

Earth Community Farms started in the South Bay of Los Angeles, where we live.

Start one of your own. We would love to help.

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