Working with our Hands

Working with advanced technology, plants and fish. “Working with our Hands” is an outreach program that is a slight-variation of the basic Earth Community Farms business model.

This project began when a friend asked if what we do at Earth Community Farms could be replicated on a small scale within his business. As a pilot project we quickly realized that this could be replicated in many locations.

We focused on a model, which could be used and adapted throughout the country. We envisioned a business that supports healthy working environments, employment training and the use of locally grown produce and fruit while increasing and improving employment opportunities that allow marginalized individuals to:

  • Learn and master life-skills, basic work skills as well as specialized agri-business skills;
  • Develop an organizational culture that encourages individuals to utilize their potential to contribute rather than discounting them on the basis of stereotypes or generalizations about their “limitations”;
  • Achieve economic self-sufficiency; and
  • Attain full access to, and participation in, their communities

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